White Low Alcohol

Enjoy the “Mucho Más” range of wines, now available in a low alcohol version! Expand your horizons with low alcohol red and white wines with only 0.5% alcohol. Ideal for those who want to take care of their health without giving up the pleasure of a drink with the aroma and flavour of wine.


Blend is the new trend in the world of wine. These wines are made with different grapes of distinct vines, either for its regionality or for its variety. This characterizes them as unique wines with their own identity, in which the art of making wine is represented.

  • GRAPE VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc
  • STYLE: Beverage based on dealcoholised wine.
  • ALCOHOLIC GRADUATION: <0.5% (dealcoholised).
  • SERVING RECOMMENDATION: 8-10 ºC. Once opened, keep in the fridge and consume within two days.

Tasting Notes

Straw yellow colour with greenish tints, vibrant and fresh with tropical fruit and citrus aromas. In the mouth, it is intense, tasty and balanced.

Food Pairing

Ideal with appetizers, salads, fish and seafood.

Technical Information

Alcohol is extracted from wine by a non-aggressive, complex and sophisticated process, to avoid the loss of aromatic compounds and characteristics of the original grape variety. The quality and organoleptic properties of the resulting product are not affected in the process, obtaining a wine of high quality, expressive, fresh and intense aromas, with <0.5% alcohol.