There are wines… that are Much More…!

T h e r e a r e w i n e s t h a t a r e M u c h M o r e !

Much More than a drink, Much More than a colour…

The Mucho Más range of wines means a meeting with your friends, a wonderful dinner, a toast on the beach or simply celebrating that life is Much More than we can imagine.

These wines are made by blending different grapes from different regions of Spain.

These blends bring out the best characteristics of each variety, giving a unique and different result that is hard to find in other types of wines. They break with the classic rules of wine, and our oenologists take the preparation of wine to the “art of making wine”. Mucho Mas is a versatile and carefree wine.

Mucho Más: el líder de la gama. Un Red Blend elaborado con uvas tempranillo y syrah de las zonas norte y sur de España. Es un vino intenso de toques afrutados, lo que le dan un ligero dulzor dejándonos un delicioso sabor en boca. Aunque es perfecto para disfrutarlo solo, le quedan muy bien las tapas, los quesos, y si te atreves combínalo con comidas con chili o especias picantes 😉

Mucho Mas Red: the leader of the range. A Red Blend made with Tempranillo and Syrah grapes from the north and south of Spain. It is an intense wine with fruity touches, which give it a slight sweetness, leaving a delicious flavour in the mouth. Although it is perfect to enjoy on its own, it is very good with tapas, cheeses, and if you dare, combine it with foods with chili or hot spices. Mucho Mas Black Label: “The elegant one”, which you will find in trendy restaurants or in the neighbourhood wine bar. It is also made with a blend of Tempranillo and Syrah. It is a very aromatic wine with hints of wood spice. The best choice to accompany any dinner or lunch.

Mucho Mas White: A fruity, elegant wine that reminds us of tropical flavours. It is made with Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes, a young blend that allows us to create a wine suitable for any time.

Mucho Mas Rosé: The most attractive wine in the range, its pink colour has a personality that makes it irresistible to the eye, but if you taste it you will fall at your feet. It is made with Garnacha, Bobal and Tempranillo grapes. It is fresh and at the same time sweet, so tasting it on its own or accompanying a good plate of pasta, you will surely love it.

No cabe duda de que estos vinos son ¡Mucho Más…! 🍷