Mucho Más shows success by selling more than 15 million bottles worldwide

M u c h o M á s s h o w s s u c c e s s b y s e l l i n g m o r e t h a n 1 5 m i l l i o n b o t t l e s w o r l d w i d e

The Félix Solís’ owned wine range, Mucho Más, celebrated this week in Madrid by launching their first show cooking event. The range was paired with a selection of international dishes prepared by the chef Juan Pozuelo, aiming to show the versatility of the wines that have captivated palates all over the world.

Felix Solis Ramos, General Sales and Marketing Director of the company, attended the event and comments: “Innovation, sustainability and internationalisation are the three key areas of our company’s fundamental pillars. These elements are behind the success of the Mucho Más range, which has shown great success with its premium blend selling more than 15 million bottles in 65 countries. Our strategy for Mucho Más is always to put the consumer front and centre. We aim to offer an easy drinking and versatile wine that our consumers can trust to be consistently enjoyable.”

Carlos Villarraso, Technical Director and Oenologist for Mucho Más, explains that “the wide Mucho Más range is made using a premium blend of different grape varieties harvested from the best vineyards in Spain. The range stands out for its own authentic personality, representing the art of winemaking. The aim of this blend is to obtain a modern and unique wine.”

Carlos also emphasises that environmental benefits have been taken into account during production and marketing of Mucho Más: “our innovative formats and recyclable materials allow the carbon footprint to be reduced. We have done this throughout the value chain thanks to the use of renewable energies in the winery, the reduction of water consumption in the production process, the use of natural corks and the implementation of recycling and waste reuse programmes in the winery”.

Quality and International Recognition

The ethos behind Mucho Más has made it a commercial success in countries such as Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom and Spain. Mucho Más has also won international awards, such as Mucho Más Gold winning gold at the Berliner Wine Trophy. Alongside this, Mucho Más receives a high score of 4.2/5 on consumer based Vivino, including 73,300 positive reviews.

Félix Solís Avantis plans to organise similar events, throughout the year, to continue showcasing the Mucho Más range to consumers. All the information will be published on the Mucho Más website and on the Facebook and Instagram social networks.