Mucho Mas, Herzlich Willkommen

M u c h o M a s , H e r z l i c h W i l l k o m m e n

Germany welcomes MUCHO MAS, or should we say big welcome: HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN, as it is that MUCHO MAS seems to have conquered the German public and has been awarded several gold medals in two of the most prestigious competitions in that country. We are talking about Germany, one of the most open and welcoming European wine markets of all the world and fourth largest worldwide. Germany is also a producer country, especially of white wines. Its wines from Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Sylvaner grapes are famous. They consume 15% of their own wines, then French, Italian, and then Spanish wines arrive in order, where it seems that MUCHO MAS has a great journey and reception.

Firstly, and special mention to the Berliner Wein Trophy, a contest sponsored by the International Wine Organization (OIV) and the UIOE. This contest brings together the world’s leading producers and distributors, with almost 14,000 wines tasted each year. For this reason, we value even more the two Gold medals obtained for MUCHO MAS WHITE and MUCHO MAS RED.

Additionally, the Frankfurt International Wine Trophy has also awarded the gold medal to MUCHO MAS RED. In this case, 3,800 wines from 52 different countries were tasted. This contest is characterised by not only inviting professionals and expert tasters, but also including wine lovers and amateurs in its tastings, with the aim of bringing the tastings closer to the public.

Dear Germans, do not take everything that we also like here …